Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How far, Commander?

The touch mobile is the commander here.
Some of the upcoming trends in mobile are being briefed here. Just wrapping up things.
Bing becoming more effective. Your device gets more publicity. Over workgroups, intranet, internet.
Nokia launches Android touch mobile. Maybe with Live Tile. So Android fans, get ready for "Everything at once."
Location based social apps launched. If you carry your mobile to Jaipur, then this social app will display your society's Jaipur experience. 360 is one such app. Navicomputer may be another.
Windows are working on speech help. Stuck up with Copy screen and paste. No problems. Speech help comes handy.
Lync is voice communication in Office 365. Apart from possible other functions.
Password management apps. Trust me here. Be careful with these apps. No point in having an assistant for password management. A carefully kept diary is the best solution. I have a diary with  username and password for about 50 sites. Never trust these password apps, I tell you. Be safe.


Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Live Tiles? Apps and Widgets? Which is better?
I loose my sleep here.
Apps and Widgets seems more logical.
I wanted to develop a note app which will help in memorising notes. But then Hashnotes was there. Available in Windows and Android.
Try Hashnotes. Great app.
Alerts, notifications are different from Live tile or widget. Smartwatches use these.

sm said...

everyday new apps are coming into market

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Yes, there are many brilliant app programmers.
Rudy Huyn is one brilliant Windows app maker.
I follow his progress.