Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hope Project - Indiblogger contest

Devdasis are a reality and is a part of our culture. Many devdasis are Meera. Some have become Meera from Radha. Why? The prevailing circumstances. I remember the song "Ek Radha Ek Meera" composed by Ravindra Jain for Raj Kapoor, here
You are employed. How many are unemployed? You are leading a dignified life. How many know the word dignity? You take liberty in choosing luxury item. How many have the liberty to think luxury? It is a pity that greed has never been dealt with by our saints. I have read hundreds of books but none of the hypocrites, sorry saints, has explained greed. Probably they were unable to discover themselves.
Though not an expert, I deal with greed pretty well. I choose the less obvious ones. Then I try to make them better. Or use it more than needed to satiate greed. I know it is wrong. But the world is competitive. And one cannot escape from it because of resources. The least one can do is stay away from involvement in too many areas. Be good in your area and save resources by not involving in areas not your concern.
Our country is poor. We have been slaves. One can afford to have pride in oneself. But greed; I am afraid not at all.
Controlling our greed will be our biggest contribution to the devdasis. Let us take a pledge that we shall get rid of greed on our own. We should not be discouraged because our saints have not taught how to deal with greed.


sm said...

yes one needs to keep eye on his own greed

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Care for good health and an eye on health also cures greed to some extent.
Thanks, sm.