Thursday, February 13, 2014

Travel Smart with Skyscanner - Indiblogger Contest

Planning to spend your vacations by going on a pleasure trip? Go ahead but do not forget to plan your trip well in advance.
The first step would be to follow the place's dress code. Some places demand that you are always presentable. This means that you cannot open the doors of your room for allowing service in  undergarments.
The second step will be to tell precisely what you are looking for to eat if you plan to visit abroad. No eggs, no meat will not do. It will be better if you are specific like Thai Buddhist food or Mexican guilt free food.
The third step is the currency if you plan a visit abroad. You can go to bank and get foreign currency in exchange for rupees. You may take your credit card too along with you.
The fourth step is the communication. Learn how to enable roaming in your phone if your phone requires a manual changeover. Get an International SIM card if you are going abroad.
In case of trips within India, make an itinerary for all the days you shall be travelling. Keep a local map too with you. Tourist buses are actually very good to travel as there will be a guide who will give you information and interesting facts.
If you have a relative in foreign country who can help you during visit, then there is nothing quite like it.
Bon Voyage !! Travel Smart with Skyscanner.

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