Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Driving Force

People have many driving forces. For many men women. For some hypocrisy in the name of religion.

My driving force is the angular swing of the shadow of a lamppost due to linear motion of car and its headlights. It is amazing that a linear movement can make an angular effect.

This driving force is so strong, that I will not change my religion. You can give me millions of dollars but I will take it on only one condition. I will stick to this driving force of mine.
The above is the logo of my company. This image drives me crazy !!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Nataraja a form of Shiva is worshipped in South India. He is in the celestial dance pose.
The benefits of Nataraja pooja are :-
1) Music and Tala playing improvement
2) Music knowledge improvement
3) Improve  mathematical axes knowledge
4) Improve body fitness
5) Keep mind strong to ward off evil thoughts

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Platinum Day of Love - An Indiblogger contest

He loved her. She loved him. He knew she loves him. She knew he loves her. Their love was pure and precious. And magical.
They would have discussions of life, career, dreams and aspirations. Over coffee. And cookies. It was futile. They talked endlessly on all the aspects of life, career, dreams and aspirations; but they had no commonality. They were interested to know each other's viewpoint but they thought their own viewpoint was better.
He thought about metals. Metals were precious and pure and would allow magical properties of heat and electricity through them. But when it came to earthly conditions like dust, sunlight and moisture it just did not react. He thought their relationship was metallic. Metallic of highest order. Platinum.
She thought about metals. Metals were precious and pure and were always admired and added value to the person who wears. But when it came to actual reality then she knew there would be onlookers staring, chance of their being stolen, chance of selling them because of unsure finances. She thought their relationship was metallic. Metallic of highest order. Platinum.
But fate had something else in mind for them. He had to go his way. She had to go her own way.
He had to decide fast. He could not just wish her away. He bought a platinum ring. He invited her to the regular coffee shop. They talked and talked. She felt she had to go away and venture into new areas. He thought he had in him to make it big and earn enough for both of them. But time was running out. His life would get into ruins. He could not bear it.
He then took out the box containing ring out of his pocket. He opened the lid and showed the simple ring to her. And said sheepishly, "Wouldn't it be nice if we talk with each other this way the whole life? Will you be mine?" He saw the happiness in her face. And he could easily notice the shy look on her face. She replied, "Of course, yes. I am all yours. " And she showed her hand to him allowing him to put the ring on her hand.
They are currently living happily now . . .

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Windows Lifestyle

I wanted to make public my digital and mobile life. I have Nokia Lumia 720 for my touchphone and Dell PC with Windows 8.1. I have a Reliance USB internet connection for my laptop.
I have enabled apps in both my laptop and mobile to follow blogs of Politics to Fashion and Freebird. I wanted to follow Destination Infinity too but that site only allows following by email. I was able to get an app which could only display the headings of a blog in my mobile phone. In the case of Windows 8.1 laptop, Bento News app allows viewing of title and the writeup. But both of them do not allow viewing of comments. You need to use a browser to connect to the respective sites for that.
I spend most of my time awake over mobile and laptop. News most of the time.
Windows makes life and information easy. Everything at once !!!