Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bright Future

Exit polls indicate a simple majority for NDA. And good performance by BJP.  People wanted a change. People voted for change. Now, people have to work for change.
I was interested in exercising. My brother ordered Bullworker by parcel during school days. He also bought dumbells from market. Over the years I discovered that spiritual balance can be brought out only by exercises.
I was always a reader. I remember being a member of four libraries during my school days. But now, I find music more interesting. Currently I listen to web direct music; thanks to Nokia Mix Radio. However, I like reading economic news. I read Economic Times and mobile Mint everyday.
I am reasonably religious. I am reasonably good in music. Film music interests me. Younger music directors are quite good. I enjoy their music.
The reason I wrote about exit polls and about myself is because one has to give positive contribution to the new government.

My attempt at a Windows phone App:-

There are readymade templates available. These have to be filled with right information.    
Nokia 720 having Windows Phone 7.1. Look at the background. There is an image !!
Below are the snapshots of Storyteller Apps in my laptop. You may observe my cartoons from my cartooning site. Also you may observe my dafli video posted on Youtube. Dafli video has been made using Youtube template in designer with search conditions "dafli+percussion".

Below is the snap taken from Nokia 1520 of my Nokia 720 having Cortana. Cortana is the yellow rectangle around the corner of the screen. She gives instruction in speech. You may observe that phone tile is missing. This is because it may not be needed as AI instructs about phone and I felt tile is not needed because of this. Also observe the background image.
Below is the status of my Lumia 720.

This is how my Nokia Lumia 720 looks like at present. Notice the Cortana tile.
The final position of my Nokia Lumia 720. No SIM. But as long as VoIP is there, using Nokia Lumia 720 this way is no way morally wrong.
Nokia 1520 is my regular phone now. I bought a Bose headset with Bluetooth from Reliance shop. Nokia 1520, Nokia Mix Radio and Bose goes just too good together . . .
The latest position of Lumia 720 is as below. Cortana is still unavailable in India. I was trying for evaluation purposes. It was enabled by changing region to US and not India. Now I have disabled Cortana. Region is India. Also, the access point was configured at last. The internet works, now, in Lumia 720. Hence the news section tiles.
Lumia 720 as on 30th June 2014.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hot Winds

Summer has arrived in India. The temperature soars upto 43 degrees celcius in most part of India.
I take the following steps to beat the heat.
  1. Hygiene - During initial summer beginning, bacteria and fungi grow at a faster rate than the immunity of humans. Therefore, one needs to be careful and avoid drinking water from dubious sources. One must avoid outside food too. This is because water and food may have stronger bacteria and our immunity may be not that strong. The initial days are first 10 days. Currently, the initial period is over. Now you can have filtered water. You can also eat food outside.
  2. Keeping it cool - Crop your hair if you are a man. You may apply amla oil if you are a woman. Dabur Amla hair oil has thick oil base. So apply only a little. Oil bath also helps in keeping body cool.
  3. Keep pores clean - Scrub your body with loofah after applying soap. This will take out oil and dirt from pores.
  4. Cap and goggles - Wear a thin cap on your head and wear goggles while going out.
  5. Sleeping on floor - Try to get a nap in the afternoons on holiday on the floor without even a bedsheet or mattress. Just the floor and you. Switch on the fan. No AC or cooler. Try to get an hour or two of nap. Your body will get relaxed and you will also cool down.
  6. Cleanliness - When taking bath clean the feet completely with loofah and soap. The palm of the feet. The fingers of feet etc. This will energise you.
  7. Chywanprash - Chyawanprash can be taken if you are worried of getting infection due to water or food.
Follow these steps and you will be able to beat the heat better.