Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Books

 I have bought four kindle ebooks. I bought "Speaking of Siva", "A Southern Music", "Cloud Computing", "Bollywood Sounds" recently.
"Speaking of Siva" is about Shaivaism and prayers and meanings. "A Southern Music" is about Carnatic Music. "Cloud Computing" is about the cloud and cloud computing. "Bollywood Sounds" is a book on songs of Bollywood.
I am yet to finish these books but I read them when I get time.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Spin and i (the complex number)

There are a few observations with respect to the spin. One is the existence of a negative which is i squared.
My equation for complex number explanation is

x + 1/2x = 180 degrees.

i.e Action plus your perceived reaction (which is half of action. Your perception is only half. Not the full) i.e x + 1/2x equals what? The total system i.e positive and negative. Which is nothing but 180 degrees.

i.e 3/2x = 180 degrees. Or x = 120 degrees.

The explanation of a complex number leads to 1/3 rd concept. 120 degrees.

But is not an angle lesser than 120 degrees, say 2 degrees etc. true? They are true in physical existence. Mentally however positive and negative are the truths. i.e 180 degrees.