Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Indian Society

Indian society is the aspirations, the hopes, the expectations of its people. Our spirits are affected by forces which shaped our history. The music unfolds its majesty and tells the story as it witnesses. It is neither biased nor it is partial. The story of Indian society by music is a story which is true. Which is real. And which is as it is.
We had dynasties like Maurya, Gupta, Chalukyas who imbibed to us the values of Hindu kingdom. The king is supreme. Unfaithfulness cannot be tolerated. Culture is important. People are important. Respect is expected. And all such values. The advisers were respected for their wisdom. Chanakya was able to advise Chandragupta Maurya to establish a big kingdom. The music and arts of Samudragupta, even today reverberates in our ears not allowing to be left unheard. Kalidasa the poet in the kingdom of Chandragupta Vikramaditya is read even today and the visuals imagined by his work can never be erased by any war of significance. The kings were benevolent and tolerant to their people is exemplified by the actions of Harsha and Ashoka who became Buddhists with the welfare of people in their minds.
The Delhi sultans are the real Islam that India knows. There was slavery. There was freedom. There was growth of arts. There was suppression. There was promotion to agriculture. There was taxes. War was not a priority. It was considered essential, but avoided.
The Mughals were conquerors. They believed in war. They were strong. War was the motive of the early Mughals. Then the Shahenshah and Jahanpanah Akbar ruled. He brought about a revolution by bringing about Din-I-ilahi and tolerance. The Mughals began to accept Delhi Sultans principles later. As exemplified by Aurangzeb.
Where 1857 is considered as India's first revolt, it was also to be the beginning of a sycophant Indian. The war was lost by the mutineers. The Raj started building institutions. Congress was born. And their party leaders began to practice sycophancy to get admissions and jobs. More crucial mistake was their avoidance of Muslim League. It was a genuine avoidance and a very costly one.
Where to now, the music asks? Hindu kings, Delhi Sultans, the Mughals, The Congress or where? The elections are around the corner. And I am asking this question from the Delhi Sultanate mindset.

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