Sunday, September 21, 2014

Latest Hardware Additions

I bought Soleus health band. It has features like time, date, step monitor, calorie monitor, sleep monitor, exercise monitor and phone call details syncing.
I thought it will go well with Google Nexus tab. Windows phone do not support Soleus. But Google Nexus tab does not work with Soleus Go app. And this app is needed for my Soleus Go Activity Tracker. Also Samsung 10.1 did not work for Soleus Go app.
So what did I do? Got for myself a Moto-X. That is what you see in the picture above. I was a customer of Motorola earlier during 1G stages or 2G stages. So Motorola was an obvious choice. And Moto-X because of useful Google Now integration.
The Soleus app and the Soleus Go Activity Tracker finally managed to be synced. (Without app, activity trackers are not useful. It is difficult to read from the small panel and requires many button pushes.) . So how is it? Great !! The steps are beautifully graphed and detailed. The exercise section too. The weight session is marked with jerky bars in chart. The sleep section is also mapped. Did you know that sleep is of two levels. Deep sleep and low sleep. They alternate. There is another kind of sleep just before your waking up. If paired, then the health band will also tell you if a phone arrives.
Paired means phone Bluetooth on.
I really like this device. It can act as a watch. Go ahead and buy to lead a healthy life.


sm said...

looks nice

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

It is useful also. For health conscious. Indians do not like sharing health, exercising data. But foreigners probably like it.
Thanks, sm.