Monday, July 14, 2014

Extended Workouts

I have extended my gymnasium workouts by 3 months. Till September.
I am now able to do workouts especially cardio much more easily. Normally I do two cardio for 15 minutes each with a 15 minutes weight workouts. Sometimes, I do three cardio workouts for 15 minutes each. I normally do workouts for 45 minutes. The cardio sessions are usually intense and is at my maximum.
I also do dumbbells at home in the evenings. I have a 10 kg pair and a 5 kg pair at home. I do bicep curls, shoulder lifts, one dumbbell triceps back lifts, bench press, squats, squat jumps, free leg raises. (It is important for bodybuilding enthusiasts to learn definitions and names of exercises). The evening session is for 30 minutes.  With the 5 kg pair, I do exercises like wrist curls, arm side raises.
I am managing to show discipline in eating habits. I eat to a plan as much as practically possible. What I mean here is I may eat a snack instead of Complan planned. This is because I was offered snacks at home and I was tempted to eat this.
Workouts also brings about peace in mind and if you are one of those who want to participate in marathon race, then workouts give hope too.

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