Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Staying in circle

The earlier style of governments at the centre revolved around personalities. The men in power were assumed supreme status and those who were in their loop succeeded. And those who did not manage to get their patronage remained insignificant. Moreover, people not in their coterie, had difficult time trying to please and get rid of differences in opinions. Many times, it would be maddening for these people.
Now that a new government is there, a new way of work is expected. The not so lucky should not feel deprived of mental viewpoints differences. The talented should get opportunities to succeed. After all, people have clearly rejected old way of working in the just concluded elections.
Dale Carnegie, the foremost expert in relationships, has said that there is only one way to build a relationship. Satisfying the other person. But in USA, win-win works. In India it may not. It is usually win-loose relationship.
So therefore to get into relationship or to get a job done, here in India, one must be ready to loose. To gain one thing, loose something else ( maybe more precious ). But one must face it boldly. Having faith in oneself and staying away from things that weaken your strong areas helps.
Here is the diagram, I suggest you follow to maintain harmony in you and also in others. The aim is to keep your circle going. The situation you face, should not make the object get out of the circle tangentially and cause damage.
If the circle is stable; and your minimum objective is met; and the other person is happy; then fine. Go all out and get the job done. Or go ahead in the relationship.


sm said...

To gain one thing, loose something else ( maybe more precious ).
very true

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Thanks, sm.