Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What next ?

Software, Exercises, Cartooning and Music. What else?
Electric Guitar? So that shastriya music and chords both can be played ( Old mindsets die hard ). No.
Get a driller, vinegar, alcohol, Colin and polishes for home enhancement? Maybe yes.
How about learning accounting? It is good to think about. But no.
Teaching kids? For heaven's sake, no.
How about 1 hour in grooming yourself? Trimming, creams, flossing, pedicure? Not really.
Reading World History? I have done that. Can redo it. Sort of brushing up for more accuracy. Yes.
Calligraphy? No.
Handwriting analysis? No. No.
Stitching, knitting sweaters, socks? Are you kidding?
Perfecting ironing of clothes? Yes. But not everyday. Because of employment.
Pickles, jams, squashes ? Oh come on.
Cooking? Hmm . . . No.
Meditation, pranayama? No.
More weights sessions? No.
More jogging sessions ? Maybe. But no overdoing.
Judo, Karate ? Not in this age.
Puzzles, crosswords, Rubik cube ? Rubik cube from You tube should be good.
Books? I need to develop different sections at convenient time habit.
Restaurants, malls? I am going out with family. No increase in frequency needed.
Prayers? Yes. Need to make it a habit.


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Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

From the angle I am thinking of, only if I am physically involved can peace be got for brain. Reading books won't help for example. While exercising will help tremendously.
Do I disturb others with my views? I might be. But knowledge can be musical or prayer sorts. I am sure musically inclined people are not affected. But to some of prayers type, my views can cause disturbance.
As a remedy, I suggest listening to Hindi film songs of Ravindra Jain or Laxmikant Pyarelal. Hear their background scores with utmost attention. Just see how accurate and precise are the musicians. Then think of my views. I am sure disturbance will melt away.