Saturday, June 6, 2015

Different Towns

I very recently was on a vacation to USA. I travelled in their highways and happened to look at their houses in their countryside. Most of the houses had at least one floor over the ground floor. To me this implied the use of steel and cement in their buildings.
In India, in towns, we normally have only ground floor buildings. We never used steel in our buildings.
Steel makes the difference. Between heights of buildings. Between money and poverty.
I heard that Empire State building is in fact a very old building. So, USA knew the importance of steel in civil work and they had brilliant engineers too.
There are people who say "Why should not we change our buildings, now? Why not make taller buildings at town level?"
The answer is what Dr.M.S.Swaminathan said about improving agriculture. He said that it is tough to change the age old mindset of Indian people.
So, age old mindset and Tazurba(experience) and Riyasat(tradition) of buddas(old men) prevent any fruitful change in civil structures at rural and town levels.
At the same time, it is tough for young to implement their ideas and dreams. For, to implement a plan a young at heart needs Haan(Yes) from many places. And for the failure to implement a plan usually requires one Naa(No).


sm said...

yes it is difficult to change mindset but slowly change is happening with the speed of ants

Destination Infinity said...

I guess we Indians are trained to live simpler lives because resources are limited and they need to be shared with more than a billion people. Besides, steel is non biodegradable.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

I hope things will be faster with a dynamic PM around, sm.

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

We need to pay the price and our lives are not simple.
We share international resources and we have to imbibe this thought every moment. As an individual I would want to repay the loans as much as possible. We must begin with the latest loan taken and repay these.
Steel is non biodegradable but is oxidized and turns to rust. It is somewhat nature okayable I think.
Thanks, Destination Infinity.