Thursday, February 18, 2016

The 10 % paper

A paper is a colored flat and thin object which serves as a media and a background for communication in the form of writing. The language may be important as certain languages have properties which are more suitable in certain occasions. Even drawings might be suitable because a situation may demand it.
A paper folded is more of a cloth but has stiffness.
But both writing and folding a paper is due to an empty mind except in the case of authoritative instructions. In this case it is a liberty to write within limits prescribed by the perception of the individual concerned.
A paper folded and shaped remains the same paper because no color has been added to it. Interesting interpretations can be drawn from these folded and shaped paper and this should be rightfully called a lesson. If constant e is defined due to folding then it means stiffness is the e.
Drawings in paper is for the eye to understand. Written material is however different. Though color has been added in both the cases of drawing and writing to the paper; writing is more sinful as more sense organs are used.
So, therefore 10% paper is used in the case of folding and drawing.


sm said...

interesting thought

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

video conferencing is not a thought though. It is a reality in my company.