Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bodybuilding Food Manners Internalised

I knew the importance of food in bodybuilding. But I was hungry for most of the time. I needed discipline.
Then I applied my circle theory into food eating and made my eating very regular. Both in timings and the type of food. For the last many months I have been following this strategy. But my body needed carbs to feel energetic and active. I just could not come out of this high carbs eating. Though I was circular in eating habits.
Last week I decided to work on this issue. I reduced my carbs to one third. My regular daily eating pattern is like this:-
1. Whey protein  - 2 scoops.    After weights.
2. Two toasts + 2 eggs. Breakfast.
3. Sprouts+ Veggies. Lunch
4. One bowl of curd rice. Dinner
5. Whey protein- 2 scoops. Before sleep.
This is working out fine for me. I do not feel less energetic.
Exercises are 4 sets of complete dumbbells/barbells routine in 30 minutes. The exercises are :-
1. Chest Press
2. Squats
3. Heel Raises
4. Deadlifts
5. Barbell rows
6. Barbell abs rollover
7. Military Press
8. Biceps curls
9. Triceps back curls
Also, I do barbells clean and jerk 11 times in the end. This builds strength.

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