Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quality of life and exercising

I have realized that to lead a life of quality now and in future, I have to lead a life of exercising and discipline.
The circle theory works well with food control. I have written about it in my earlier blogs. Regular food, uniform food and same food are what are circular. Once you get this theory of circle into eating; your habits of tasty food goes away.
Now exercising. I am finding this tough. My muscles are not good in relaxation and one tough round may cause them to over-react. Motivation may not be enough.
I self massage. I apply rejuvenating oil. Probably my body demands more of relaxation. And less exercising. I guess two massage sessions and one exercising session is what is needed.
So I plan to do 30 minutes of dumbbells in the mornings. In the evenings, I shall do 1 hour of relaxation and massaging with rejuvenating oil. Himalaya body oil or Narayani oil.
Remember, if exercising is your right leg then relaxation is your left leg. And imbibe circular food habits and cut down on taste.
Here is wishing a good health.