Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Full Body Approach and Display

Thimphu, the Buddhist monk asked his favourite disciple Raghuvanshi to meet at 4 in the morning the next day. Raghuvanshi could not sleep the whole night. He kept thinking what is it that his master wanted from him.Why was he calling him in the morning. He could hardly sleep.
At 4 the next morning, Raghuvanshi went to his master. His master then tells him, "Be away from the monastery for three months. I want you to discover in the real world. Discover your full bodied approach and display in real world. Use your legs, hands, mouth, ears, eyes all the organs to the maximum and discover for yourself the rich results that this approach will give you".
"Yes master, I shall do a Full Body Approach and Display in the real world. I shall come back to you in three months."
Raghuvanshi developed his running skills to develop strength for legs. Most of the onlookers were amazed and happy to see him doing so good running. He drew cartoons in paper to develop brain hand coordination. Children and parents were more than glad to get the papers of his catoons. He sang in the auditorium to develop mouth speech abilities. He got claps from everyone. But still he could not get the balance in his mind. He could not understand it. He kept meditating. What is it that I am not getting? The master was right. Full Bodied Approach and Display is important. But there is a missing piece somewhere. One important piece in the jigsaw. He needed to find it. He kept thinking.
He did running, cartoons, singing and all the whole three months. But he was not satisfied. He did not get the missing piece of the jigsaw even after intense meditation.
He went to the monastery dejected. He told his master that he did a Full Body Approach and Display. But he felt unhappy. He did not understand why.
His master then replies, "It is because you did a full body approach and display in a restricted area. The civilised world is different. It is restricted."
Raghuvanshi then replies,"Yes master. Now I understand. You have opened my eyes. The missing piece has been found. The real world works restricted. "

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