Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Recent History of Jogging

Jogging is fun and enjoyable. I have stressed the importance of breathing and relaxation in jogging schedule so that one is able to enjoy the benefits of jogging as an exercise. If you have missed it, here is the link to the blog title
There are a few more important points that are worth conveying. Before that my potential. If I were to participate in a 10K marathon, I am reasonably confident of completing it at a speed of 7.5 kmph. If the distance is more then I would say 6.5 kmph speed. This is my base speed.
What are the points that I was talking about? The first one is that jogging style should be similar to cycling for both your legs and hands. Your legs should move as if you are pressing an imaginary pedal with both your legs. And your hands should move as if you are pressing an imaginary pedal with both your hands. This fact is also stressed by BBC in their jogging article. If you have problems in the way you run, then look no further for a solution. Cycling is the best model to emulate and my statement corroborates the BBC instruction.
The second point is I think Indians feel stable only when breathing by nose. So one needs to experiment with breathing so that a maximum of distance and speed is obtained. This is an important point and motivation is necessary to be able to experiment with this factor.
The third point is if you get into serious aerobics, then it is a serious change to lifestyle. You are no longer a sit and eat individual but a run and get food individual. So think and act. But if you act then do not reverse your ways.
Here is happy diwali to all of you. May the festival bring about a change in lifestyle and good health. Vaazhthukkal !! (Good Wishes !!)

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Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

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