Saturday, March 30, 2013

Common Sense

Hello, World. What is common sense?
You are correct as usual Mr. Spock. It is the knowledge of 50-50.
Common Sense, the most uncommon thing in the world, is nothing but the knowing that a thing or an event is 50% favourable and 50% unfavourable. It might be an English thought, but England has laid the foundation in almost all the country of the world.
Which is the midpoint is a matter which is local in perspective. A banana peel which may make a man fall or which may not is as seen by someone. It is at the most a personal observation and personal reference drawn by the person. The mid point here is to fall due to banana peel. To another person the midpoint may be uncleanliness in the city.
Finding a mid-point to a lot of common situations is a challenging exercise. To a Delhi walla stopping a car in the middle of a road is OK. The middlepoint to him in this situation is the scratch on his car and whether to deal with the other guy with his fists or not.
What do you think is the middle point to some of the common situations that happen in our city?


Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

manathil uruthi vendum
vaakkinile inimai vendum
ninaivu nalladhu vendum
nerunggina porul kai pada vendum

kanavu mei pada vendum
kai vasamaavadhu viraivil vendum
Dhanamum inbamum vendum
tharaniyile perumai vendum

kan thirandhida vendum
kaariyathil uruthi vendum
pen viduthalai vendum
periya kadavul kaakka vendum

mann payanura vendum
vaanagam inggu thenpada vendum
unmai nindrida vendum
Om Om Om
The above is common sense

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

The meaning to above is

The mind should be firm
There should be sweetness in speech
Let there be good thoughts
Cherished desires should come to hand
Dreams should come true
Let the goal be attained with ease
wish for wealth and love
wish for respect in this world

Let the eyes be opened
Let there be determination in work
Let women be independent
May a mighty god protect
May the soil be fruitful
Let the heavens be within sight
May Truth remain.