Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Dream Business

This post is in response to the invitation by indiblogger contest on "Your Dream Business" using Microsoft Office 365 products.
Microsoft Office 365 is about OpenXML standards among other things. OpenXML is a standard for including database objects in your word document, excel spreadsheet or in a powerpoint presentation.
A program can be developed with a supported language like C#. This program can embed data from a table into a word document or an excel spreadsheet or a powerpoint presentation.
There is scope for using OpenXML in Indian business scenario. What do small business offices look out for? They mainly want information stored in various formats like access, excel, text to be suitably presented in a powerpoint slide or maybe as a report in word. They also expect such a system be dynamic and change with the change in data. And they also expect that a datum presented be editable to maybe round off figures or maybe change the font size.
OpenXML programming is most suitable for above need and Office 365 supports OpenXML. I have developed a prototype using OpenXML in Visual Studio 2005.
Though it would not be a dream business, I will definitely treat it as an exciting option and a challenging entrepreneurship assignment. And of course a step towards . . . . . Everything At Once.

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Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

People ask me if you are so smart then why not jump into entrepreneurship?
I tell them I am waiting for a suitable year. Refer