Thursday, January 26, 2012

So you want to be happy ?

So, you want to be happy ? What? All of you ? I don't want to be happy. Surprised? Yes, maybe.
There are two meanings to the above set of statements. One is a cynical way of looking at things. Demeaning others, maybe. The other is choosing your emotions. Happy or surprised.
My intention was to present the sentences in a difficult logical way.
Most of us want to be happy. Happy that we drink a can of beer. Happy that we get tandoori paranthas around the corner. Happy that we get fruit drinks to quench our thirst. Happy that all men are uniform.
But look at the problems with being happy. My kids are happy. So what if road is filled with begging children?
I turn aside when I see a rowdy eve-teasing a girl. I want to be happy!Why get involved in a mess?
But if you decide to be surprised. Then you will be on your foot. You foresee problems and find solutions. You become brave.
So, surprised is my preferred emotion. What is yours?


sm said...

short but thoughtful
half glass is filled with happiness and half glass is empty.

Kirtivasan said...

Thanks sm.

Elvirah said...

These are the simple things we ignore and am glad i stopped by yours to realise it.

Kirtivasan said...

Glad that you liked my post, Elvirah.