Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mehangai song from Chakravyuh

Birla ho ya Tata, Ambani ho ya Bata,
Sabne apne chakkar mein des ko hai kaata.
Are humre hi khoon se inka engine chale dhakadhak.

I feel the country has been damaged the most by double talking politicians. Do Shabdh to these politicians. Behen Chodh.
What if people are left unstable due to confusion? What if people has to act, with opposition from these politicians which can grow as they want?
Consider this against. You will be humiliated. You will be poor. You will have limited resources.


Kirtivasan said...

Politicians are good to their chain of followers.
But the common man has limited opportunities and should not be dragged into politics of delay/wait and watch for essential services.
Annaji wanted the citizen charter for time frame in government activities.
Also personal hydrocarbon credits cards should be made for individuals so that they can contribute effectively in the society. Not just sleep, and enjoy benefits.

Destination Infinity said...

We, the people, elect politicians by voting for them. And then we say that they are our biggest problem. Doesn't the problem lie with our lack of skills/ability to find out and elect the right person?

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan said...

The voting mechanism works on so called "swings". "Swings" are needed because there may be 100 candidates and two parties may win 50 each.
I lacked skills yesterday. I will be super intelligent tomorrow. But now is what matters.

sm said...

common has just started wake up and 5% Indians woke Do not know how many more years it will take to take wake up 60% Indians.

Kirtivasan said...

It is ok if you are sleeping.
That is what i tried to convey here.