Monday, September 24, 2012

Delhi Barsaati and NRI

Delhi Barsaati has many interesting stories. Barsaati is a local slang meaning the top floor of a three storied house. Normally these are rented. The landlord and his family usually live in the ground floor and the other floors are rented out. Barsaati normally has one room, kitchen and toilet and an open space.
We have stayed in a barsaati. My father, mother and I. My brother was away abroad.
Barsaatis were very popular with Afghans during earlier times. Afghan refugees had come to Delhi and occupied the balconies predominantly. They were simple people and would offer namaaz in the open. They seemed to be contended people. But healthy and strong. Well, that is another story.
Most of the colonies having barsaatis were people from Pakistan and came to Delhi during partition. They have a lot of stories to tell. I personally have heard an old man recounting his tale dragging it for about two hours.
But time has changed now. The barsaatis have changed. Additional rooms have been added. The people in these colonies have sent their sons to USA/Canada. Their stories have gone.  Time changes. The small puppy which has grown big now no longer remember the old smell . . .


Allka Gurha said...

I am sure one can write a novel living there...with so many interesting things happening all around.

Kirtivasan said...

The present is more important than past. The writers, journalists must ensure this.
Bad and unlucky facts about past should be avoided.

Destination Infinity said...

I have never been to Delhi, so I have not seen them. But your description is interesting enough. I guess people don't talk to each other much these days, forget telling stories. TV has invaded everyone's life.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan said...

Delhi is OK. Must visit city.
Thanks for your comment.