Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OOPS !! Who wrote Bhagvath Gita ?

OOPS above is Object Oriented Programming System.
If you think that Bhagvath Gita was written by Ved Vyas page after page, thinking, turning pages then your thought is in the style of structural programming.
If you think that Ved Vyas just sat with a pen and book arrived automatically and moved suitably so as to form words by the movement, then your thought is in the style of object oriented programming.
The above explains the concept of structural programming and object orientation of software.
In earlier days we had structural programming and a programmer said do this, do that, go there etc. Most of the earlier languages like COBOL, C etc were suitable for structural programming.
In today's world object orientation reigns supreme. Java, C++ are object oriented languages.
OOPS is a much better way of looking at the world. Because most of us would say Bhagvath Geeta is God's word and not Ved Vyas's.


Kirtivasan said...

The method explained here for OOPS is superior to filter, black-white techniques.

Bikramjit said...

a good way to explain the funda of OOPS :)


Kirtivasan said...

Oh thanks Bikramjit. And welcome here.