Friday, February 20, 2015

App Ideas

This is an idea for an app on mobiles.
One cannot escape thinking. If we concentrate hard then we will realize that our thoughts are also repetitive. Normally at the seconds level we have fear, love, hate, distaste etc. At minute level we have our animal instincts of hunger, addictions etc. When it comes to an hour, our personality comes into play. What we are about? And so on ....
I am sure we shall not be the same always and we shall be changing. The list above if looked 6 months from now will be different than what it is now.
I have also provided a level indicators below. How many marks I give out of 5 for the entity under consideration.
This app may require a database for proper working. To store results once in a month. Also it needs a touch based programming to implement the level indicators. I am not familiar with touch programming. The mobile app and phone app I developed required only insertion of feeds. No more.
To do this program in Windows technology will need Silverlight and latest Visual Studio. Also Azure services may have to be subscribed for storing information.
But I am confident that this app if developed will sell well and I can make money. What do you think?

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