Tuesday, October 4, 2011


People moving slowly, so it seemed
And I walking along, as if in a dream
Twenty years of togetherness will go away
My brother's leaving;his career, his own way.

Separation is not easy, it is a pain
Expecting his return soon will be in vain
He is looking at his future; that's fair
I too must do the same; should take care.


Destination Infinity said...

It is difficult to handle such situations - no doubt. But then, when we are on our own, we start to look at situations in a totally new light. Lets hope that everything happens for the better.

Destination Infinity

Kirti said...

It happened years ago. Now of course the priorities have changed. Hope that nice events happen in everyone's lives.

sm said...

emotional situation
difficult to handle but time heals the emotions.

Kirti said...

Time heals all wounds. Thanks,sm.

Short Poems said...

Difficult situations...sad but beautifully written!

All the best


Kirti said...

Thanks for the appreciation, Short Poems.