Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 coming to an end but no end to our problems

Lokpal Bill is stuck in parliament. Anna Hazare, a great leader is unwell. Then there is the problem of Mullaperiyar dam. Mullaperiyar dam row spins my head and this issue blows off my thinking completely.
Then the Gita controversy is there with Russians. Then the economy of India. The economy issue also spins my head in equal measure and I loose hope.
Is there anything wrong in our thinking? Are we thinking and acting correctly?
Now come to Lokpal issue. People expect the most corrupt government in Indian history to make a law which is detrimental to its survival. How much feasible is it?
The Gita controversy now. I feel calling the Gita a blasphemy by University students is more acceptable than a Russian court passing a judgement on Gita.
The Mullaperiyar dam and the economy issue calls for a mature give and take by all the party involved every time. But given our ways for politicizing and creating a ruckus, our mind and mental make-up looses peace of mind every time you open the newspaper.
Are we too emotional? Do we want others to understand our emotions and show empathy? Is our thinking dictated by our emotions?
The year 2012 is around the corner. And I wish all the fellow bloggers a very happy new year. And I hope the new year will bring out a lot of happiness and peace to our countrymen too. For India is what I love the most and its well being my dream.


kalaiselvisblog said...

a very nice post abot our major issues... well said buddy...

hope our best, dat dis issues get sorted in our upcoming year...

happy new year Kirti...

sm said...

nice post
dam is saft sc panel said.
gita is not banned.
yes corrupt people will not pass eailsy lokpal bill.
Happy new year

Kirtivasan said...

Thanks kalaiselviblog. Thanks sm.