Wednesday, March 14, 2018

#PythaShastri and young Indians

I am nearing 50 and expect young Indians to be smart, good and active. I have been influenced by constant pi from young age and now I can categorically state personality requirements which are mathematically supported:
1. Be extroverted in talks
2. Measure behaviour of people around.
3. If behaviour is not good then don't work for them. If you are in a situation where you have to work for them then use jugaad clauses and ways.
4. Do honest work in Sun fashion. Karma talks of Krishna god to Arjuna.
5. Two types of work you need to do. One jugaad  type for measured impossible guys and other honest work for yourself and family and god.
I am talking of work. Finances are tough. Maybe if you satisfy the financers with all the holes in your body you may get money. This is about bargaining. Or how you pattaufy the opposite sex. These are of finances. The bargaining and impressing.
But work is different. And should follow nature's plan.

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