Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#PythaShastri Second max.reps. is always half of first max. reps.

"Second max. reps. is always half of first max. reps" #PythaShastri statement.
But does it matter? No. Because max. reps is never an objective of a bodybuilder.  11 is usually.
It may interest many and they may find it an useful piece of information. But then their voice dies. It is not able to reach to the higher levels. Result, this statement is considered blasphemous. Or a statement that involves foreign element.
But I am sure that this statement will be useful to normal working ladies who have a 2.5 kg pair dumbbells. It will be useful if they comment on the statement. The #PythaShastri statement.
Is #PythaShastri true? Can I claim?
I believe so. I saw 3,4,5 right triangle in school days. And it is driving me. DTEA Lodi Estate school. 

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