Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Itarsi - A Short Story

Gautam Adhikari looked up at the window from his 2nd AC berth in which he was lying. The train had really slowed down and he was curious to know the station, though he knew it must be Itarsi.
He was a frequent traveler in this route. He worked in Nagpur and his family was in Delhi. He was leaving Nagpur after a grueling six months of work. He took a fortnight's leave to meet his family in Delhi.
He realized he needed water and got down to fill his bottle with water. The queue was unusually large and he stood in it waiting for his chance. Finally, he got his chance and was able to fill the bottle with water. He turned back to approach his train and could not spot it. It had left !!
He did not panic. As he was confident of the route. It will take another 3-4 hours for the next train and he cared the least for his baggage. He can always buy shirts and trousers, anyway, he thought.
He looked out of the railway wall and saw a few military personnel playing volleyball in shorts and vests. He was a good player of volleyball and he thought of joining them to pass his time for a couple of hours.
He approached them and said, "May I join you in this game? I missed my train to Delhi and the next train is a couple of hours later. I am good in this game."
One of them, a little weak as compared to others, said,"Sorry. No way can you play with us."
Gautam said,"Fine then. I shall leave. Anyway let me sit here and watch you play. I like this game a lot."
Gautam sat in a corner and watched the soldiers play.
He was observing them play and was enjoying the game. Then a ball hit by one soldier, reached near him bouncing. As it reached near him, the ground on which the ball hit made a metallic sound. Then
there was a beep from the pocket of Gautam. Immediately the weak soldier ran towards him and with a rapid motion slashed a big knife at Gautam and killed him.
Gautam was happy that he is killed. He managed to whisper, "Mera Bharat Mahaan !!".
(Gautam was a software engineer in Nagpur working on nuclear projects. The beep came from a radioactive detecting hardware kept in his pocket!!)

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