Sunday, December 24, 2017

Complex Number

(Better sense made today i.e. 06-01-2018 (dd-mm-yyyy)
In above camera words, replace eating with happiness and vice-versa
I believe I can give good examples in complex numbers.
Happiness(e) is an event. Hence, happiness(e) into happiness(e). However, food is two times. And eating is two times (e)
Food and eating (e) are analytic (mathematics) and therefore Cauchy-Riemann equation holds.
However, these are for illustration only. And analogy.
That's how I studied engineering from KCT. I am a jigsaw intelligence type. I had an expected picture of the topic of lecture. Then I would change the picture of jigsaw after the lecture. Made a better jigsaw.
It was not about errors. But pictures.
Engineering professors should give a picture. Not error free theories.
Can great professorial give error free pictures and theories? Yes.
Kickness(e) is an event. Hence, kickness(e) into kickness(e). However, dumbbells is two times. And exercising is two times (e)
Dumbbells and exercising(e) are analytic (mathematics) and therefore Cauchy-Riemann equation holds.
Consider a slightly obese man. He will be happy when eating (e)food is made negative( maybe snatched) ; because he may want to reduce weight. Also he may be sad when food is given. Because he fears putting on weight. The eating habit of such an obese man can be called in a loop as pluses and minuses of food and happiness happen.
Similar for a strong man. Giving dumbbells, snatching dumbbells, kickness and relaxingness.
This finishes the topic of discussion.
(e) - errata corrected in explanations. However not in photo sheets. This is done on 06-01-2018 (dd-mm-yyyy)

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