Sunday, December 31, 2017

Further mathematics

  1. In numbers if n, n+1, n+2 are true; then n and n+2 are enough to say the presence of n+1. Similar to Madhava of Sangamagrama.
  2. If 1,2,3 are true. And 2 &3 are prime. Because 1/2 leads to decimal point or 1/10; P(k)/P(k+1) =10 is the truth of number system. Similar to my statement.
  3. Primes may be treated as primes. The prime may be considered negative in Riemann Zeta function for s=1; as a function. Similar to Euler.
  4. Folding or dividing is the root cause to actions and are complex numbers.
  5. Rational shops and rational numbers are truth but irrational number by irrational number too exist in nature and is accepted in mathematics. Why not irrational number by zero?
I wish everyone a happy new year.

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